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Symphonic performance of Dire Straits Songs – open air concert marking the 70th anniversary of the University of Lodz

23 May 2015, 20.00 Admission free

The 70th anniversary of the University of Łódź will be marked by a very special open air concert. On the Manufaktura Square we will hear songs of the legendary British rock band Dire Straits in new, energizing arrangements. That symphonic performance will be a confluence of two seemingly distant worlds of rock and symphonic music. Their fusion, with its richness and tonal complexity, is bound to satisfy the most demanding audiences. The initiative is driven by the work and involvement of Krzysztof Herdzin, the author of the orchestral arrangements, Kuba Badach, a vocalist endowed with a phenomenal voice, and the guitarist Marek Napiórkowski. Dire Straits was formed in 1977 and debuted the following year with the single “Sultans of Swing”, which unexpectedly became a major hit. According to British critics, Dire Straits represented a revival of pub rock in a melancholic version. “Brothers in Arms” (1985) is recognized as one of the most important rock albums of all time. The listeners love the mix of two different musical aesthetics finding new value in it. Surely they will love it this time also.


Kuba Badach – wokal, Marek Napiórkowski – gitara, Tomasz Kałwak – instrumenty klawiszowe, Robert Kubiszyn – gitara basowa, Paweł Dobrowolski – perkusja

Krzysztof Herdzin – dyrygent, aranżer

Orkiestra Symfoniczna Filharmonii Łódzkiej


Dire Straits - „Brothers In Arms”

Dire Straits - „Local Hero”

Dire Straits - „What It Is”

Dire Straits - „Private Investigations”

Dire Straits - „Romeo And Juliet”

Dire Straits - „Money For Nothing”

Dire Straits - „Sultans Of Swing”

Dire Straits - „Ride Across The River”

Dire Straits - „Walk Of Life”

Dire Straits - „Sailing To Philadelphia”

Dire Straits - „Your Latest Trick"

Concert ArchiveArchive

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