One hundred years ago, Lodz was a part of the Russian partition. The majority of the city’s residents was devoid of such rudimentary amenities as sewage or water supply installations and had to do without electricity. No one had ever heard of the radio, not to mention television or the Internet. World War I endured, and the Polish Rescue Committee with its offices in Switzerland provided aid to the Polish citizens. The painter and set designer Tadeusz Kantor, the poet Jan Twardowski and the singer Édith Piaf were all born that year. In foreign lands, Charlie Chaplin was growing in popularity and Albert Einstein developed his General Theory of Relativity.
1915, and specifically February 17, is the beginning of the history of the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic. On that very day, the ensemble, which was soon to be named the Lodz Symphony Orchestra, the predecessor of the current philharmonic orchestra, played its first concert. Noblesse oblige. The awareness of the institution’s extensive history obliges us to respect tradition while remaining open to new phenomena in culture, which may enrich our current activity. A series of events and projects, all assumed with one name “FŁ 100. Stuletnia i nowoczesna Filharmonia Łódzka marką regionalną” (LP 100. Centennial and modern Lodz Philharmonic as a regional trademark), are planned to celebrate this unique anniversary.
In an institution as the Philharmonic, concerts are the core of all jubilee celebrations. The anniversary celebration will be crowned by a ceremonious symphony concert featuring the LP orchestra and choir, conducted by Daniel Raisikind, our chief conductor. A centennial anniversary is also an opportunity to introduce new items in the repertoire of concerts. For this purpose, the Philharmonic commissioned two pieces for the symphony orchestra and the pipe organ included in the Lodz Philharmonic Concert Hall. Furthermore, three concerts outside Lodz will take place as part of the “Sto lat w regionie” (A hundred years in the region): one in Łowicz, one in Tomaszów Mazowiecki and one in Piotrków Trybunalski. “100 lat w siedem dni” (A hundred years in 7 days) is the highlight of the anniversary week, an educative-community event, which will include workshops, meetings, guided tours around the LP building, presentations of the new pipe organ, as well as concert and performance activities. We hope that these will prove attractive for a large group of Lodz residents, who will be encouraged to visit the Philharmonic more often.
As a gift, the distinguished institution – the Lodz Philharmonic – will receive new visual identification, which, through creative form and colors, will combine tradition with modernity. The new visual identification items will be placed on the new website, which will present all aspects of the constantly developing LP cultural offer in a transparent and graphically interesting way. The new website will be responsive and will accommodate devices with mobile access to the Internet (tablets, smartphones). Plus, a special anniversary publication titled “100 lat na ponad 100 stronach” (100 years on 100 pages) will present the history of the Lodz Philharmonic. Anniversary gadgets, which will be sold in 2015, will additionally commemorate this amazing celebration.
We would like to encourage you to take part in our events related to one hundredth anniversary of the Lodz Philharmonic. The next one will be one hundred years from now!

The project titled “FŁ 100. Stuletnia i nowoczesna Filharmonia Łódzka marką regionalną” (LP 100. Centennial and modern Lodz Philharmonic as a regional trademark) is realized as part of the Regional Operational Program for the years 2007-2013.


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