April '20

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Chorus (not) for Dummies

The amateur choir of the Lodz Philharmonic is a proposition for all those who enjoy singing. On weekly rehearsals conducted by a professional conductor, the choir singers learn new works and are tutored in correct voice production techniques. They also have plenty of fun, because group singing is probably one of the most entertaining leisure activities!
The choir was founded in 2010 at the initiative of Marzena Wiśniak, the deputy director of the LP. Conductor Grzegorz Wierus, at that time working as the assistant conductor, undertook to manage the choir. Since 2014, the team has been working with Mariusz Lewy, a young and promising conductor. At the 15th National Choir Conductor Competition, which took place in April 2014 in Poznań, Mariusz Lewy received first award, becoming the first laureate of this competition originating in Lodz.
Approximately 80 people attend the weekly Chorus (not) for Dummies rehearsals. The ensemble has presented itself twice during the “Kolory Polski” Traveling Lodz Philharmonic Festival (in 2011 in Studzianna-Poświętne and in 2013 in Inowłodz). The choir also took part in the Open Day of the Lodz Philharmonic. The choir also initiated a flash mob at the Christmas concert at the Lodz Philharmonic in 2013. Choir singers attended workshops in extended vocal techniques, conducted by the Swiss singer Dorothea Schürch. The first fully professional performance of the choir took place on April 13, 2014 in the Lodz Philharmonic: on that day, in collaboration with Adam Strug’s “Monodia Polska” band, the Chorus (not) for Dummies presented a program titled “Ktoż opłakać godnie może”, which featured folk passion songs.
To become a member of the Chorus (not) for Dummies, you don’t have to have any musical experience or be able to read the notes. The candidates are not interviewed. There is however one thing you need: passion for singing! Just come to a random choir rehearsal and express intent to join the team. Entry is free of charge.

Note: the cost of participation in the Chorus (not) for Dummies is PLN 15 for the 1st quarter (January–March), PLN 15 for the 2nd quarter (April–June), and PLN 20 for the 3rd quarter (September–December). For every participant, the first rehearsal is free of charge. The fee is payable at the Philharmonic’s box office.

April '20

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