The Philharmonic with Class

The Philharmonic with Class is a series of interesting music workshops for first to sixth graders accompanied by their teachers. At the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic, the children will get familiarized with instruments used by symphony orchestras as well as folk instruments from different parts of the world. They will also learn that the human body may serve as an instrument and how to use it. The children will realize and appreciate the power of rhythm, which is said to lie at the root of the history of music.  They will learn how hits are made and what features a song must exhibit to become one. Participants of the Philharmonic with Class workshops will be able to appreciate music in a more conscious and discerning way.

The workshops largely consist of interactive activities and are consistent with the curriculum of primary school music education, while providing much welcome educational variety.

The workshops are conducted by experienced educators working at the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic. Depending on the subject matter, the number of participating children will typically correspond to between one and two typical school classrooms. The admission price varies depending on the topic.