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Chamber music concert

17 March 2015, 19.00

At the chamber music concert in March, the center stage will be taken by a certain very special instrument. Some clues as to its identity are given below: it was invented in 1840 by the Belgian Adolph Sax and patented six years later. Despite usually being made of brass, it is classified as a woodwind because it is equipped with a reed rather than a cup-shaped mouthpiece. Although its soft and pleasant sound has endeared it to many a composer of serious music (in 1903 it was used in “Symphonia Domestica” by Richard Strauss, in 1923 George Gershwin incorporated it in his famous “Rhapsody in Blue”, and in 1935 Sergei Prokofiev employed it in his “Romeo and Juliet” suite), it is most widely used in jazz music. By now, it should be clear that the instrument in question is the saxophone. Indeed, many facets of this instrument will be revealed at the Philharmonic concert, which features “Légende” op. 66 – a 1918 rhapsodic ballad by the Frenchman Florent Schmitt (1870–1958) and “Concerto capriccio” on themes of Paganini by the Russian Grigory Kalinkovich. The concert goes also beyond strictly European culture, as we are going to hear tunes inspired by faraway places in a work entitled “Jungle”, one of the nine saxophone etudes by Christian Lauba (*1952), a Tunisian-born French composer, whose music exhibits North African and Japanese influences.


Mateusz Dobosz – alto sax, Michał Czapliński – sax, Bogna Dulińska – piano


Georg Philipp Telemann - Fantazje nr 2 i 3 ze zbioru 12 Fantazji na flet TWV 40

Ida Gotkovsky - Wariacje patetyczne nr 4, 5 i 6

Grigory Kalinkovich - Concerto capriccio na tematy z Paganiniego

Florent Schmitt - „Legenda“ op. 66

Christian Lauba - Jungle

Andrew Horowitz - Sonatina na saksofon barytonowy

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