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Symphony concert

20 February 2015, 19.00 Tickets: regular PLN 48–34, reduced PLN 36–24

Who has not dreamed of getting on a brightly lit stage and performing with a symphony orchestra? The anniversary celebrations provide an excellent opportunity for this dream to come true. How is that so? Anyone can volunteer to participate in the performance of “La città futurista”, a piece written by Artur Zagajewski especially for the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic. No music education is required – all that is needed is enthusiasm and commitment. The piece was composed for orchestra and an ensemble of sixteen amateur musicians who are to play an extraordinary set of instruments: music boxes, crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, PVC tubes, and steel construction bars of different sizes. Rehearsals will take place in February under the supervision of the composer himself. For details, see the Philharmonic website. The modern sound of “La città futurista” will be set off with Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Organ Symphony”, which premiered on May 19, 1886 in London. The composer conceded that in writing it he gave all: “what I have here accomplished, I will never achieve again”. The symphony was dedicated to Franz Liszt, who greatly appreciated Saint-Saëns both as an organist and composer, but was unable to hear the work and died only two months after the premiere. The fact that Saint-Saëns annotated the title of the symphony “avec orgue” (“with organ”) best reflects the role of this “royal” instrument: the organ gains an equal status with the orchestra in terms of its musical narrative powers in the second part of the work. The evening also features S. Moniuszko’s “Halka” Overture and A. Dvořák’s Cello Concerto.


Ivan Monighetti – cello, Ludger Lohmann – organ

Daniel Raiskin – conductor

Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra


Stanisław Moniuszko - Uwertura do opery „Halka“

Antonín Dvořák - Koncert wiolonczelowy h-moll op. 104

Artur Zagajewski - La città futurista

Camille Saint-Saëns - III Symfonia c-moll op. 78 „Organowa”

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