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Symphony concert

9 January 2015, 19.00 Tickets: regular PLN 60–50, reduced PLN 50–40

Sergei Prokofiev finished writing his Violin concerto No. 2 in G minor Op. 63 in 1935. It marked the beginning of his heyday – at that time he also composed his famous ballet “Romeo and Juliet,” soon followed by a score for the historical war drama “Alexander Nevsky”. Prokofiev’s second violin concerto is less experiment-driven than his first one: it is not only a work of great virtuosity, but also of subtle lyricism and melodic invention. The concerto premiered on December 1, 1935 in Madrid, with the violin part played by Robert Soetens. In subsequent years, Prokofiev’s Violin concerto No. 2 was propagated by another eminent musician, David Oistrakh. At the Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic, the concerto will be played by the outstanding Israeli violinist Vadim Gluzman. However, the first symphony concert in the New Year will not be filled solely with violin pieces: it will also feature… organ music. The evening’s program caters to everyone: connoisseurs of musical discoveries and less known compositions will have the opportunity to hear the rarely performed Symphony No. 1 for organ and orchestra op. 42 by Alexandre Guilmant (1837–1911), while lovers of great classical hits will certainly enjoy Maurice Ravel’s famous “Bolero” and some Tchaikovsky favorites.


Vadim Gluzman – violin, Krzysztof Urbaniak - organ

Daniel Raiskin – conductor

Arthur Rubinstein Philharmonic Orchestra


Maurice Ravel - Bolero

Sergiusz Prokofiew - II Koncert skrzypcowy g-moll op. 63

Piotr Czajkowski - Walc Scherzo op. 34

Piotr Czajkowski - Sérénade mélancolique op. 26 na skrzypce i orkiestrę

Alexandre Guilmant - I Symfonia na organy i orkiestrę op. 42

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